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Hwayi A Monster Boy

Hwayi A Monster Boy

Hwai,a very special boy: has 5 fathers crime. The leader of the group is Tae Seok , a charismatic and stony-hearted leader. Below him is 4 juniors : Ki Tae - a professional driver, Jin Seong - the mastermind genius, Beom Soo - a marksman and Dong Beom - a cold-blooded martial arts expert.

Genre: Action, Thriller

Actor: Yun-seok Kim, Jin-woong Jo, Hyeong-seong Jang

Director: Joon-Hwan Jang

Country: Korea

Duration: 126 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 7

Keywords: Hwayi A Monster Boy, Yun-seok Kim, Jin-woong Jo, Hyeong-seong Jang, Joon-Hwan Jang
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