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Secrets on Greek Row

Secrets on Greek Row

Secrets on Greek Row kicks off a weekend of movies on Lifetime, as the first of three “ripped from the headlines” films. As evidenced by the title, Secrets on Greek Row examines the dark underbelly of campus parties. Lucy Loken stars as Kaylee, a sorority girl whose life is wrecked following the death of her boyfriend in a freak hot tub electrocution. Not only does her boyfriend’s mom think she did it, but so do her friends. Matters only get worse when some of her party punch is revealed to contain the date-rape drug GHB. Is Kaylee breaking bad or is she being framed?

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Actor: Lucy Loken, Grace Patterson, Jessica Morris, Mason Mecartea, Logan Wallace

Director: Damián Romay, Bruno Hernández

Country: -

Duration: 0 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2023

IMDb: 55

Keywords: college, sorority president, college life, boyfriend, hot tub
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